Seth Rait

Student, Coder, Sailor, Musician

I am disappointed, I am scared, and I am angry. The country which I thought I knew made a decision I thought to be impossible. This is a letter to his supporters and his enablers.

Those of you who didn’t vote and were able, or who voted for Trump, you disappoint me. You have allowed for hate and fear to take precedence over all else and that is deplorable. I do not believe that everyone who voted for Donald Trump is racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, or misogynistic, yet doing so was undeniably an act of all those forms of oppression and hate perpetrated by each and every one of you.

You enabled and proliferated these dangerous ideologies and because of that, my country is now run by a president and vice president who believe I am a lesser person because of my sexuality, who believe my sister is less deserving of dignity and fairness than a man, that immigrants and people of color are also undeserving of the same level of respect as is afforded white people. Think of all the people you care about who are LGBTQ, women, people of color, Muslim, have a learning disability, or are otherwise a marginalized group. They are now less safe in their own country as a direct result of this election. You did wrong, and because of that I and so many other people will have to pay the price.

Respect is something so basic and fundamental to civil discord yet is so lacking in the rhetoric and actions of Donald Trump. He is vain, he is cruel, and he is a bigot. Thank you for electing him.

Election - Seth Rait